Freja Bäckmann
The Temporary ´we´and the Longterm Temporality.
Our working conditions today are highly precarious, obviously not only in the art world. How does this effect our lives we live and the people we surround ourselves with? Not only in terms of economy but also the physical aspects of being together and sharing physical space.
The matter of friends and friendship is central for me when talking about working together. Who we chose to align our selves with, to whom we speak out invitations to, there is always the matter of love and desire, and this is not arbitrary.

Sabine Popp

Ivana Panochová, manager of the City Gallery of Pardubice and 
Pavla Závodná, from the Bohemian Gallery of Pardubice. They both want to speak about the situation of ANIMATION – introduction of art for schools and children groups and to compare the conditions of two different institutions in the middle size city of Pardubice. 

Lisbet Skregelid and Anna Svingen Austlestad
UFO - organ for Underlige FOrbindelser is an organ for actions which questions institutionalised education and works on its principles of possibility. The volving practice is initiated by the art teachers and researchers Anna Svingen-Austestad (NO) and Lisbet Skregelid (NO). UFO considers art to be an overarching principle in education and life, and explores burning issues in the zones between theory and practice, art and research, politics and play, pedagogic and poetic practice.
In the experiment UFO SEEKING ALIENS children and teachers from Hokus Pokus kindergarden, pupils and teachers in Havlimyra secondary school and others have participated and contributed. 

Marit Roland
Draw It with Your Eyes Closed: the Art of the Art Assignment,
is a unique and wide-ranging anthology featuring essays, drawings, and assignments from over 100 contributors including(..)
Practical and quixotic in equal parts, the art assignment can resemble a riddle as much as a recipe, and often sounds more like a haiku, or even a joke, than a clear directive. From introductory exercises in perspective drawing to graduate-level experiments in societal transformation, the assignment coalesces ideas about what art is, how it should be taught, and what larger purpose it might, or might not, serve. 
The book is a written record of an evolving oral tradition. Bringing together hundreds of assignments, anti-assignments, and artworks from both teachers and students from a broad range of institutions, Draw It with Your Eyes Closed serves as an archive and an instigation, a teaching tool and a question mark, a critique and a tribute.

Tormod W. Anundsen + students

 Kim Schonewille
I would like to give a presentation about 10 minutes about my way of working and my experience in the field of education.

Kristin Bergaust 
Project in Practice-Intervention at home. After years of on-site workshops and projects, we decided to  take a closer look at the environment of our own institution. I will present some outcomes of this research, sensitive provocations of our common daily space, and the people that we met there. (I would ideally like to bring 2 students to participate in this)

Per Kvist
Whats in it for us?

Marianne Laukvik
Rethinking Art
About the artist group «Kunstitusjon»: Naysa Andrade (VE), Ylve Thon
(NO), Nina Hove (NO) Jorann Abusland (NO) Nina Björkendal (SE) og Karen
Pettersen (NO)

Venke Aure 
“Educating others artfully”, and I will raise questions about what kind of knowledge and meaning-making this perspective can indicate.

Emily Louise Grønsdal
singing statistics about overconsumption, and food activism.

- eat and relax at the fire

with food activism by Atle Håland, Turid Torkildsen, Camilla Lilleengen

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